1. We work how you work. Our medium and small business computer support team of friendly, experienced and reliable IT professionals are just a visit, call or email away.
  2. Our goals are your goals. We believe that each client is our partner and provide small business it support to make affordable, quality IT support services our mutual goal.
  3. We care about your business that is why we offer small business it solutions to ensure operational excellence of your technology so that you achieve the highest level of productivity.

Five Things to Remember When Choosing an IT Firm

Whether you are a small business looking to set-up a network or a larger business looking for supplemental IT help or complete IT management, choosing the right IT firm can be overwhelming. Here are five tips to make the search a little easier:

  1. The Right Products That Fit Your Business: When looking for a firm, make sure that their specializations meet your business needs. IT firms will have strong suits; look on their website for a listing of capabilities. Additionally, make sure that the products you work with are something they can support. For example, if you work with PCs, don’t go with a company that specializes in Apple support.
  2. The Customer Service Guarantee: When you need it, customer service can make or break your business. Find IT firms that guarantee service within a specific time frame. (For support customers, IT Solutions guarantees a 2 hour maximum response time). This way you aren’t paying for support that you don’t receive.
  3. Be Wary of the Cheapest: Sometimes, companies will give low-ball offers in order to win your business, and then increase the price afterwards. Looking for companies that offer structured and tiered pricing will help ensure you are getting the best service for your money. Don’t sacrifice quality service for the lowest offer.
  4. Ask for References: Look for IT firms that have built a solid reputation in the industry. Always ask for references, and actually follow up on them! Some of the most important things to inquire about include relationship length, customer service history, certifications and past success stories of IT implementation.
  5. Scalability—Your company needs an IT solution that can adapt to YOUR needs. The IT firm for you should be able to scale to your business—providing as much or as little support as you need.  Look for companies that can offer you a multitude of plans that fit your price points, whether that be full or supplemental support.